The Golden Rule

Restoring the Golden Rule


In 1958, a four person crew of Quaker activists set sail from California aboard the Golden Rule in an attempt to halt atmospheric nuclear weapon tests in the western Pacific.

The efforts by her crew resulted in the nuclear weapons Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty of 1963.  Learn about her amazing story and “THE PROJECT and The Mission”.  Visit


Veterans for Peace have vowed that the Golden Rule shall once again ride the waves of peace. Photos of the retrofit and restoration follow.





Butterfly hatch


Restoration Coordinator Chuck DeWitt shows some of the detailed craftsmanship  and the beauty of the golden wood grain.


Golden Grain.


Old School Knot work.


Restoring the decking.


Volunteers, skilled boatwrights, and mariner craftsmen can contact Mr. Chuck DeWitt, Restoration Coordinator. You can learn more about the Golden Rule Project by visiting As the Project proceeds, crafting sails, rigging, and numerous other skilled work efforts are being scheduled.

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