Marine Vessels

Mariners on Northern California and Southern Oregon Waterways

Commercial Vessels


Freighter Transport Crimson Polaris, Panamanian Registry

International Seagoing Transport Dock at Fairhaven, CA, Humboldt Bay reopens.

Wood chips are being loaded into the cargo holds  by ILWU Stevedores and Longshoremen for delivery to a port in China.


Tug Boat Rowland Brusco Sr.

Home port for the Rowland Brusco Sr. is on the Columbia River in Oregon.

After five days traveling south along the Pacific Coastline, it tucked into Humboldt Bay for a day to refuel and take on supplies. Built in 1965 and originally working out of Port Hueneme before relocating to the Columbia River Basin, this tug is now returning to service at Port Hueneme, south of Santa Barbara, California.


 Tug Boat AJAX

Home Port Finnetown, CA.

Commercial Fishing Boats


Trawler TRIPLE STAR ***

After fishing the northern California waters, deckhands prepare the catch for offloading and numerous seagulls circle the boat on its way to port in Humboldt Bay.




Fishing for Squid in the el Nino currents pushed into Northern California Pacific coast waters.



Basking in the golden sunset light, she’s tied to docks at the Woodley Island Marina, Humboldt Bay.


Trawler NOAH’S ARK

Home ported in Harbor, OR.  Close inspection shows catch in the net.

Pleasure Boats


Mega Hurts

July brings out the after work sailboat enthusiasts to enjoy the late afternoon/evening winds.


Sport Fishing, Salmon Trip into North Coast California, Pacific Ocean.


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